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The Types of Cards We MakeAt CaoutchouC, we make un unlimited variety of designs for anything that you may term a card. Business or event, birthday or wedding, commercial or charitable, simple or complex, on paper or on plastic, flat or 3D, in fact anything goes. Just to give you a bit more structure than stating we can and will consider anything, a bief list of types of cards that we could produce for you:

  • Children Cards
    • Birth Announcements
    • Birthday Invitations
    • Graduation Cards
    • Party Cards
  • Wedding Cards
    • Invitation
    • Letterhead
    • Thank You card
    • Gift Tag
    • Ribbons
  • Event Cards
    • Parties
      • Housewarmings
      • Graduations
      • Promotions
    • Charity/ Neighbourhood Event
      • Leaflets
      • Folders
      • Stickers
      • Posters
      • Logo
  • Gift Cards
    • Bookmarks
    • Gift Bag Tags