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The CaoutchouC design process

Design is a collaborative process between the designer and the client, so the first stage of the CaoutchouC design process is always trying to understand the nature of your wishes. Together, we decide on the message we want to capture in the design, and the look and feel you desire.

Highly Flexible

The way we approach your design desires is extremely flexible. From an idea via drafts to the final thing, at what point in this process you want to get us involved is your choice. For example, you can come to us with just an idea, but are also free to bring sketches or even semi-finished designs. We will work with whatever you bring, and in discussion with you will create a final product that will blow you away. This is an essential part in the design process as this ensures that your wishes will form the basis for our subsequent design activities.

Sketching and first drafts

Starting from your information we begin the next stage in the design process. This is where creativity comes into play and usually the most fun part, namely the sketching cycle. Sketching allows for a free flow of ideas, asssociations, and combinations of loose ideas. It also focusses the designer for what he/she will want to create on the computer.

From these sketches, a few (often three) options that most coldely fit with your stated ideas are chosen, and these are worked into first drafts for the design. These are then discussed with you, allowing you to suggest changes, or the use of element(s) from any of the drafts in the context of any of the others.

Choosing a design

After the idea, the sketches and the draft designs, now is the moment you decide which design to take further. The one you choose (which may integrate elements from other drafts to create a new combination of course) is worked into the final design of your card (or website, logo, invitation, housestyle, powerpoint presentation, photobook, or your 'pix 'n' mix' of all of these). CaoutchouC then presents you with the last-before-final design.

Last-before-final design

We are almost there. You take the last-before-final design, and check whether all elelements match your desire. This is the opportunity to make some last-minute changes to colour, font-size, exact positioning, colours used. Wer then work this into the final design, and your card is ready.


The final design will be delivered to you in a printer-ready format of your choosing, usually this will be a high-quality PDF or Adobe Illustrator format. We can also advise on printers, or even arrange for your design to be printed for you.

Unique and for you only

We give you our word (and a contract that will back this up) that any design we do for you will be unique, completely bespoke, tailored to your desire and creativity, and for you only. This means your design is yours, and we will not use the work we did for you for other clients. So it is guaranteed you will not suddenly one day receive a card or invitation that looks remakably similar to the one we made for you.