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Pix ‘n’ Mix Series for a wedding

CaoutchouC designed and created a pix ‘n’ series of related designs for the wedding of Esther and Xander. The ampersand symbol was used as the basis for a logo. This symbol was chosen, as it represented unification, both through its meaning of 'and', and through the combining of the first letter of Esther's and the first letter of Xander's name to form the symbol.

The wedding invitation, as core design of the series, consists of a 300grms paper card with a transparent tracing paper overlay. Both layers were printed with a 'shower' of &s, both complete ones and single "x"s or "e"s, where an "x" on the card corresponds with an "e" on the overlay, and vice versa, each representing the two people getting married individually, together unifying to a new ampersand and thus marital union.

The & symbol was subsequently used throughout the pix 'n' mix series of wedding items, from the wedding invitation to lollipops with a thank you note, from "save the day"s to the menus and the "thank you" card people received after the wedding. Obviously, the & wrought from an "x" and an "e" also found its proper place as part of the text inside the wedding card.